Feel more calm and centered with the FREE 10-DAY CHALLENGE FOR INNER PEACE & STABILITY

If you’ve been feeling anxious, frightened, powerless or unsure of the future, this free 10-day challenge will support you through any emotions of unrest and unease and help you find inner peace & stability. By following along every day, you’ll feel calmer, centered and in control of your well-being, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.


We're starting together right now.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to dedicate a part of your day to reconnect with yourself, to simply be there when you need yourself the most and to make your wellbeing your number one priority.

10 days of being held and supported. 10 different exercises. 10 ways of feeling calmer and safer.

10 Daily Tasks

How exciting! 🎉 Every morning at 7 am you’ll receive your daily task along with short instructions. Each day will be different - you can expect a mix of exercises, including guided meditations, inquiry exercises, journaling practice... Stay open and let yourself enjoy the process. The exercises will take about 10-20 minutes of your day.

Short Coaching Videos

To support you deeper and give you more clarity around specific topics, you’ll also receive short coaching videos. They’ll be gathered in a playlist on YouTube so you can go back and watch them anytime. 

Bonus Resources

Bonus resources will be sent to your email to help take you through certain processes or exercises. Think of these as new tools for your inner peace toolbox that you can always reach for when you need them. 


It feels so good to keep track and see your progress, right? The checklist will inspire you to complete the whole challenge (which is how you’ll see the best results) and help you become aware of the amazing work you’ve been putting in every day. 

Ready to join the challenge and let more peace & stability into your life?

I'm so honored to be able to support you and share with you the tools that will help you feel calmer, safer, and in your power. I can't wait for us to start!


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Who's behind this challenge?

Tajda Glazer is a mindset & transformational coach who empowers people to discover their worth & potential and supports them in creating a life they really want. Her clients are able to step into their leadership and create long-lasting changes in their lives. Connect with her on Instagram or take a look at her individual coaching services here.

She lives in Frankfurt and is currently obsessed with BTS songs, matcha latte and trying out delicious Asian food.