Is this how you've been feeling lately?

  • You're tired of living an “ok” life and ready to start creating an extraordinary life
  • You're scared of making bigger moves because you’re afraid of failure and what other people might think of you
  • You want to live life on your own terms, doing what you love, but at the same time, you're not exactly sure what you want

Imagine yourself a year from now... Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could:

  • wake up every morning feeling excited and happy about the new day
  • spend your days doing what you love, still barely believing it’s possible to have so much fun and be successful at the same time
  • be at peace with yourself, surrounded by wonderful people who really see you and understand you
  • always feel calm, safe and secure (even in challenging situations)

“But things are so complicated right now. Are you sure I can turn my life around?”

I'm absolutely sure. The only thing that's standing in your way of living the life of your dreams is you. As soon as you remove the blocks that are stopping you, allow yourself to be who you truly are and start opening yourself up to people, experiences and situations that really light you up, your life will change.

I know because I've been there. I used to feel exactly how you’re (probably) feeling right now.

Drained, exhausted, lost.

We all have different situations where life squeezes us - family, relationships, work, health.

At the time I felt stuck in a job I didn’t really enjoy (can you relate? :)) and tried to do everything to make my relationship work. I used up so much energy for both of them that I had zero left for myself, my dreams, my well-being. I just fell on the couch in the evenings and thought to myself "this can't be how my whole life is going to look like?!"

But then the universe shook me up (as it does) and I started doing things differently.

I stopped looking for excuses why I’m not good enough and feeling sorry for myself.

I took my power back and became a leader of my life, not a victim of external circumstances. I started to listen to myself and what I actually want and enjoy. I started going after what I want in spite of my fear.

Realizing that you’re always in control and that no one can do anything to you unless you allow them is one of the most delicious and freeing things you can experience in your life. And that's exactly what this guide will help you with.

You always have the power over creating your dream life.

Let me show you exactly how to do it, step by step.


In this guide, you’ll find a very simple process that will truly help you create big changes. It’s easy to follow, you can use it whenever you feel stuck in a certain area of your life and implement it right away. 

This guide is perfect for you if you…

  • currently feel stuck in a particular area, but deep down you know there has to be more to life than this
  • don’t know how to start making changes or how to take back control over your life
  • don’t have a (bigger) vision for your life and keep playing it small (which doesn’t really fulfil you)  
  • are trying your best, but just aren't seeing the results you want in your life

To show you how is possible for you to turn your life around, I'll let these beautiful women I've had the pleasure of working with, tell you how they allowed themselves to be who they want to be and started creating an extraordinary life.

"During my coaching with Tajda I had a real breakthrough about my fears, which were always standing in the way of me being really successful. Since then I can handle them and am not afraid anymore, which is such a positive outcome for me. If you have a chance, just work with her, you won't regret it."

- DANIELA, Switzerland (@veganfriendly_switzerland)

"Before our coaching together I didn't believe I can achieve the same results with a loving approach (instead of using more aggressive methods). She taught me how to see myself with more gentleness, love, how to accept myself even when I'm furious at myself.  Most importantly, she taught me how to work with myself in a loving, gentle and accepting way, knowing that I already have all the necessary knowledge, independently of her. I would definitely recommend working with her because of her warmth, acceptance and heart-centeredness."

- SANJA, Slovenia

Don’t let another day go by without you being happy and in your greatest power!